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Cardinal and poets, enterpreneurs and characters of the show, young and old, families and lovers… from Venerina everyone is at ease, because the atmosphere is magical and they eat the sough-after dishes of the best Italian tradition cooked with love and ingredient of high quality.

The Marchesani family has a long tradition in catering with the opening of various premises in the Borgo Pio district since 1981. Nicola is the owner of the Venerina Restaurant opened in 1991 and has since devoted care dedication. Tireless, it follows every single aspect of its premises, from the choice of raw materials, to the staff in the hall to the kitchen where it likes to stay to give continuous stimul to its chefs.

Symbol of the Venerina Restaurant, Nicola will welcome you with the brillant smile that never misses and its savoir-faire by Italian gentleman.

NIcola Marchesani

Ristoratore, Ristorante Venerina

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